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How to Add Users to a Google Analytics Account

About Google Analytics

Analytics is an essential part of any marketing activity. In order to improve, we need to see where we succeed and where we can do better. Google Analytics is a tool that gives us the insights we need to grow your business. 

Adding a User

1. Make sure you already have a Google Analytics account. 

2. Enter your account’s dashboard at

3. Click the Gear Icon on the bottom left screen.

how to add users to google analytics

4. You will see a menu labeled “Account” select “Account Access Management” This will open a fly out menu. 

5. Click the blue + Button on the top right corner. 

6. Click “Add User”

7. Enter the email address of who you want to add. 

8. Make sure you check the box that says “Notify new users by email.” 

9. If you are adding someone from Renoun Creative, make sure you give them all access to monitor your account. After checking all the boxes, click Add.

Create an Account

To learn how to create a Google Analytics account, check out this resource.

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