[RE]vitalize Your Marketing

An effective brand strategy enables you to identify, attract, and engage the right customers for your brand. And since they’re the right customers, they become happy customers. And happy customers stay customers, and leave great reviews, and refer you to others, which all leads to… even more happy customers.

Sound good?

What You’ll Get

The B2B Brand Strategy Bootcamp will enable you to

  • Identify the right customer for you (Ideal Customer Persona)
  • Clarify your communications (Messaging Hierarchy)
  • Create a growth strategy (OKR’s), and
  • Establish your core campaigns for 2022

All in 6 weeks!

There are 6 Training Sessions, where we’ll work through the topic(s) of the session, give examples, and then workshop the real thing with at least one participant.

You’ll also have access to 4 Office Hours sessions; these are open format availability for Q&A, coaching, etc. to help you successfully apply what you’re learning and implement your plans.

How It Works

We provide the proven process, expert guidance, and peer support & accountability. You provide the attention, effort, information, and time necessary to get the job done.

Training Sessions will occur every Tuesday from 1/18 – 2/22 at 4pm EST, and last up to 90 minutes. All Training Sessions are mandatory (no recordings will be provided).

Office Hours sessions are on Fridays at 11am EST from 1/21 – 2/18, and run up to 50 minutes. Attending Office Hours sessions is optional, but highly recommended for best results.

Oh and you’ll also have access to a dedicated group Slack channel to help facilitate dialogue, support, and accountability with participants, and provide further tips and techniques for implementation.

And you’ll complete your program with a 1-on-1 Debrief & Implementation meeting with your facilitator.




Winter Program Dates

1/18, 1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22

You may have questions. These might be some of them… (aka FAQ)

Q: No offense, but isn’t brand strategy just a “nice to have”? I mean it sounds great, but how will this actually help my business grow?

A: How dare you! Just kidding, that’s a perfectly reasonable question. And the answer is pretty simple: no customers, no business. Right? Brand Strategy is the process of clearly identifying your ideal customer–understanding the goals, problems, needs, and habits of the people you’re in best position to serve–and creating a way of reaching them and clearly communicating the unique value you could bring them. And while most of us think we already know the answers to all that, we’re often (1) making many assumptions about who are customers really are, and (2) are too close to our own offering to clearly communicate the parts that actually matter to them (incessantly talking about cool features, instead of how those features actually help them make the change they seek, for example). 

(if you haven’t yet, you should check out our Deep Dive Guide to B2B Brand Strategy)

Q: What are OKR’s?

A: Objectives & Key Results. It’s a framework for blending strategic and tactical planning to accomplish goals in a specific area of your business (like, idk, marketing for instance). Again, there’s way more info on that in our Guide.

Q: Do you guarantee results?

A: Hell no. Didn’t you see Tommy Boy? But seriously, you will have the info, guidance, and support you need to craft a great strategy, but it still takes you showing up and doing the work to get the results you want. If you trust yourself to do that, and you’re also willing to do that when it comes up to implementing that strategy, then this program will give you what you need for sure.

Q: Will the Training Sessions be recorded?

A: Not in a way that will be available to participants, only for internal/QC/training purposes. We want to emphasize and incentivize full participation, hence mandatory Training Session attendance and no recordings available. It’s part of how strive to ensure that everyone does indeed get the most value possible from the program

Still not sure? Let’s Talk!