Brews & BizDev – S02E09 – Black LinkedIn, Diversity and IPAs with Ashanti Martin

On this episode of Brews & BizDev, Paul Greiner of [RE]noun Creative chats with Ashanti Martin, self-proclaimed “anti-influencer” and Head Writer at First Boulevard.

As they both enjoy a DogFish Head 60-minute IPA, Paul and Ashanti discuss:

  • the “Black LinkedIn” article Ashanti wrote for the New York Times, the movement that sprang from it, and the impact it’s had,
  • why and how people and companies can move beyond old, archaic notions of “professionalism”,
  • Ashanti’s claim that she started the whole IPA craze (yup, for real),
  • what Black banking means for creating generational wealth and evening the playing field,
  • and a lot more!

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