Brews & BizDev – S02E12 – Creating Your Own Career Pathways with Jacob Gebrewold

In this episode of Brews & BizDev, Paul Greiner of [RE]noun Creative chats with Jacob Gebrewold, Account Executive at Klue, and Co-founder of Sales For The Culture, a community committed to supporting and uplifting Black salespeople in tech.

As Jacob enjoys a Pineapple Bubbly and Paul downs a Hayburner (American IPA by Big Ditch Brewery), they discuss:

  • how S4TC got started, and what the real world impact has been on community members,
  • the incredible “cadence” and tools Jacob used to land a job in the middle of a pandemic (it’s quite a story, get the outline of his approach and more info here),
  • the significant value of knowing how to create pathways and systems for yourself, especially when the systems in currently in place weren’t built for you,
  • and a LOT more!

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To find out more about Jacob or S4TC, check out their site and/or follow him on LinkedIn.

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