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With Us

This is where you usually see a bunch of things about how we’re a fast-paced, dynamic workplace offering competitive compensation and a cool work environment, looking for skilled self-starters who are looking to grow with the company…
and, well yeah we are.

But in our case, that’s true–not corporate code for a stressful shitshow offering the lowest possible pay to people we’re gonna throw to the wolves, blame for our own problems, and then cut loose to be replaced by a better and cheaper cog.

We’re not a big agency, and we don’t act like one. No suits, code-switching, or constant availability required. Nor are we a hollow hipster haven getting by on our good looks, shallow spin, outrageous pricing, and social savvy, all while churning through interns.

We’re a small group of good people (if a little, um, quirky), who want to do great work with and for other good people, in a way that leaves us all better off.

And yeah, continuous growth is part of the plan, but not at the sake of losing the values that got us here in the first place.

Committed to Employees

We put people first, offer the best compensation packages we can, are committed to pay equity, create a welcoming workplace, and do our best to balance structure and flexibility on an ongoing basis so that we’re all put in the best position possible as humans and as coworkers.

You’ll be supported and have a hand in charting your own career path through continued training and education – without being micromanaged. Everyone has a voice and an opportunity to contribute and influence our company’s direction.

  • Unlimited Responsible PTO – that means that there’s no cap on how much time you can take off, as long as the work is getting done
  • Health and dental benefits
  • Paid holidays, paid sick time
  • Flexible schedules that accommodate remote and in-office work
  • Bonus structure for everyone
  • Annual team retreat
  • A stocked team kitchen complete with ample snacks, drinks, and goodies
  • Frequent lunches provided by the company – to be enjoyed as a group or while catching up on your fav streaming series
  • Paid parking in downtown Buffalo
  • Continuous education and career development
And this should go without saying (but we’ve been shocked by stories told to us by new employees), but you won’t be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses to do your job. We’ll provide all the equipment, software, furniture, and all the various accouterments you’ll need for work.


Full time not
your thing?

Join our talented bench we call on when our team needs an assist.