Alleghany Services

Focused on building large scale, high-end drainage systems for commercial farms, and more.


Originally called Alleghany Farm Services, this second-generation specialty construction company focuses on building large scale, high-end drainage systems for commercial farms, along with a suite of other services revolving around the agricultural industry.

As their company has grown, they've become a power house that dominates their industry, and needed a refreshed brand identity and website to help them go after bigger, better leads.


How We Helped

The quality and scope of work AFS is able to offer eclipses any of their competition, and that had to be conveyed in the brand refresh. We updated the existing logo while maintaining the integrity of the historic and recognized mark. Our goal was to make the identity more legible and evoke a higher-end feeling. 

Through numerous video and photography shoots, we captured footage and images of AFS working in the field (literally). This demonstrated the scope of the work they’re able to complete along with some of the technological and equipment advantages they have over their competition.

Print Design

Communicate Value & Demonstrate Capabilities

While the website is often Alleghany’s first introduction to a potential lead, ultimately an in-person consultation takes place – that means its time for the printed materials to shine.

Well designed and quality printing are crucial to further communicate the high-end value Alleghany provides. Its one thing to say it – its another to show it. We designed educational infographics to help customers understand the importance of Alleghany’s services.

The Results

Besides the obvious improvements to the visual aspects of their branding, we were able to help our client achieve an expanded market through better SEO and ability to attract larger, more valuable clients.

Brand Identity & Mark Exploration

Website Design & Development

Tradeshow, Apparel, and Vehicle graphics