Long story short… we buy, sell, and recycle everything under the sun.

ARCA Industries Website Design


ARCA stands for Asset Recovery Company of America. It sounds straightforward, but in reality, ARCA’s business is highly complex and extremely nuanced.

At its core, ARCA helps companies that have excess “stuff” to get rid of, get rid of it. And they help companies that need to buy stuff, buy it. Within that framework lie many combinations and variations.

Award Recipient

Silver Addy for B-to-B Website

How We Helped

The ARCA team first reached out to us for help with defining the user experience of their upcoming online auction platform. Together we soon realized that, due to the complexity of their business, it would make more sense to focus on their corporate website first.

Because what they do is complex, multifaceted and a bit abstract, we knew that a traditional site architecture with standard stock photography wouldn’t meet the challenge. Instead, the site relies on a combination of illustrations and animations. The illustrations tell the story far better than mere words, and the animations engage the visitor and help draw them through the process. 

And positioned liberally throughout, potential clients and customers are presented with opportunities to easily contact ARCA for more information or to request a quote. 

Website Design ARCA Industries
Mobile Responsive Website Design
Isometric Website Illustrations, Graphic Design
Website Design ARCA Industries
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