BBX and Relco Trucking

Hiring can be hard, but a recruitment website can make it easy.


BBX and Relco are two sister companies that provide trucking and logistical services. In the transportation industry, getting clients is easy. Almost every business needs assistance with its logistics. However, an issue arises when there are not enough drivers to support the demand. Most job seekers go online to find opportunities, so BBX came to us to reach these individuals.


How We Helped

To help BBX, we identified that they needed a website committed to attracting qualified drivers. We designed websites for both BBX and Relco with the candidates in mind. The sites highlighted the benefits of driving trucks and used a secure platform to capture applications. To reach applicants effectively, we utilized keyword research to enhance the site’s search engine optimization. 

To make the site easy to navigate, we created a double navigation bar. The top navigation allowed website visitors to easily go to the page they were looking for. In addition, the menu has a clear call to action for viewers to apply as drivers. The secondary navigation displayed relevant topics on a selected page so the user could easily read about the topic without needing to scroll through the page. The less scroll time a web viewer needs to see content, the more likely he will engage with it. 

In order to keep costs low, one template was used for both websites. This also allowed us to deliver the final product to them faster, so they could start the interview process sooner. 

We integrated a Live Chat Feature so BBX and Relco can communicate to their candidates in real time. Rather than play phone-tag or wait for an email reply, our chat feature allows hiring managers to get information faster. 

In addition to the redesign, we also integrated the website to a CRM system so that the client could easily organize job information, candidate relationships, and post blogs. This way, BBX can keep all of their applications, interviews, and onboarding information all in one place. 

BBX Website Design & Development

Relco Trucking Website Design & Development