Freeman Scale

Beyond Measure. A 3rd-generation Family Business Repositions for Future Success.


Freeman Scale is a 3rd-generation family business that sells a wide variety of scales and other measurement equipment. They’d decided to emphasize the fact that they also service equipment, given that service is a better business model in recessions than sales, and reached out to Renoun Creative about doing a new brochure.

When we talked through their situation, their problems, and their goals, we decided together that a rebrand and re-positioning as service first would best serve their true needs.

How We Helped

While we did want to refresh the brand and reposition the business, we actually kept their logo the way it was, but created a new tagline: “Beyond Measure”. This new brand speaks to being a truly service-minded organization, focused on keeping their customers’ operations running.

We then set out to design and build a website that reflected their new brand and position, for example, featuring graphics of people working together instead of product pics, to emphasize service over sales. We also created a Document Center to help customers easily manage their calibration records and deal quickly with any audits, and created pages to showcase new service offerings such as equipment rental. 

Ultimately, Freeman Scale’s new website won an industry award and, even though they are a locally-based company, their site continues to generate inquiries from all over the U.S.

Freeman Scale Brand ReFresh

Freeman Scale Web Design

Freeman Scale Line Card