Granite Works

A Historic Property in Buffalo's Allentown District


First Amherst Development Group is a fully integrated commercial real estate development and management company. When First Amherst approached us, they had websites for each of their properties that were outdated and not working functionally. After taking on this project, they realized that one of their websites needed to be completely redesigned from scratch.

How We Helped


The Granite Works, a property in Buffalo’s historic Allentown District, needed a clean, professional website that attracted apartment-dwellers and shop owners. To make sure we started this project correctly, we sat down with the client and held a discovery meeting. During this session, we went over problems with their previous website, challenges they faced now, and brainstormed potential solutions. We discovered that the main focus of this website was to showcase residential apartments and commercial retail space with pleasing photographs. 


From here, we designed a site map, breaking down the structure of the website and building a framework for content. The client expressed how the Granite Works had a rich history that added a sense of historical charm to their rental space. In order to illustrate this selling point, we added a page dedicated to the rich backstory of the Granite Works. 


After making revisions to the site map, we started to write content to populate the site. We drafted copy that highlighted the amenities and the impressive neighborhood of Granite Works. Their location was within walking distance to many restaurants, shopping areas, and medical campuses. The idea was to attract young medical professionals who needed apartments and to impress local shop owners. This process went very smoothly with the client. They provided all the information we needed in a timely manner so we could easily implement the content throughout the design process. 


When building out the website, we made sure to make it as visually appealing as possible. We brought in high quality images of their apartment and commercial space. Also, we implemented elegant animations that would engage the user as they scrolled through the content. For navigation, we had sticky call-to-action buttons that would prompt users to see available units, take a virtual tour, and fill out an application. The Granite Works already had a third party service for rental applications, so we worked alongside this service to integrate their functionality with our design. This helped save our client money while also making the site entirely cohesive. 


The client was thrilled with the website. It was cost effective, utilized user-experience, and was completely secure. We developed a great relationship with the client and plan on implementing this process with other property websites. In preparation for this, we made sure to use this website as a template so that building future sites will be fast and
keep costs low.