Krolick’s BBQ

Design a responsive brand identity system to help a WNY BBQ joint build their regional market share.

Krolicks BBQ


Often times family-owned companies focus on launching their product and building a business, with branding coming as an afterthought out of necessity of time and/or budget. Having established their roadside BBQ stand, catering, and BBQ fundraising business since the late 90’s, Krolick’s was long overdue for some much needed attention to their branding, website, and online presence. We were approached by the owner’s son, who was looking long term at Krolick’s expanding their regional market share and engaged us to help rebrand the business.

Unfortunately, they were also in a very bad situation with their current website provider, an off-shore source that had made big promises but under delivered. They were stuck in a very bad, very expensive contract, and needed guidance on how to escape.


How We Helped

We began with an interview of the father and son owners and the business manager. Through this we learned more about the history of the business, their customer groups, and their long-term strategic goals. (We also drove out a couple times and got some food, because that’s what you do when you have a BBQ client). This process (not just the eating!) helped us determine the various deliverables we’d create to help them achieve their vision.

First and foremost, it was easy to identify that their entire visual branding needed a complete overhaul. We developed a responsive brand identity system to adapt to the many uses the brand would have to work on, like menus, hats, shirts, cards, and online.

We designed and built a website that reflected their various business segments to help them connect with customers with clarity, understanding, and great design.

The Results

Besides the obvious deliverables of the new branding and website, perhaps the biggest result we were able to deliver was leadership and guidance to escape their current website contract. We helped them establish a new domain name, as their established one was being held “hostage” by the other company for thousands of dollars. Our expertise in SEO ensured that the new site actually out performed their current site, and we helped them successfully change their online audience behavior to use the new site. As a result, they were able to avoid paying thousands of dollars in fees to purchase their old domain name and stop paying for unnecessary services

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Brand Identity

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