Lender Consulting Services

Lend Confidently.


Lender Consulting Services, or LCS, is a Buffalo-based company that conducts environmental audits for lending institutions. LCS approached us looking to update their branding and website, which were both old and outdated. At the time, their existing site didn’t use a content management system (CMS), which made updates hard to complete. As a result, the content wasn’t current, the UI was cumbersome, and the outdated design needed replacement.

How We Helped

Brand Identity

Before tackling the website, we began with a refresh of their brand identity. LCS wanted to maintain the core elements of their existing visual identity and logo, but clean up some inconsistencies with the type and consider an updated color palette. We also had to consider how elements from their brand would look in conjunction with their sister company, SIG. Most importantly, the branding needed to meet the expectations of their corporate clientele, including banks and lending institutions.

Our efforts included a subtle but important change to the typography that improves the legibility of the letterforms, especially at small sizes. Additionally, sizing and spacing issues were corrected that allow the entire logo lockup to fit within a more rectangular grid and improve how it reproduces. Lastly – and most noticeably – a new declarative was added.

Previous Logo

Typography: Visual Brand Identity - Renoun Creative

Updated Logo

Color Scheme

Tagline Development

To compliment the refreshed branding, 2 new taglines were developed that communicate the true value that LCS offers its clients. Because the name “LCS” doesn’t convey much meaning on its own, a declarative statement is paired with the initials. The “Due Diligence Compliance Solutions” tagline clearly explains the overarching services they perform.


Complementing this is the secondary tagline, “Lend Confidently”. This phrase is meant to evoke a more emotional response, one that communicates the value their customers can expect from a relationship with LCS. 



The website was rebuilt from the ground up, using a Content Management System (CMS). First, we reorganized the structure of their site to ensure it could expand and grow as the business continually evolves. Next, we reimagined the design, using the updating branding to create a professional, sophisticated presentation. In addition, we added a new career section to help with their nationwide recruitment efforts. Lastly, we developed a news, resources, and blog section to accommodate LCS’s publications, white papers, and announcements. This helps to ensure updated, relevant content that’s beneficial for SEO – and most importantly – website visitors.

Website Design & Development

Headshot Photography

People often like to know who it is they’re doing business with, especially in situations where significant financial decisions are being made. To help personalize the LCS brand we took professional headshots of their national leadership team during an annual corporate meeting. The addition of headshots adds a level of personal commitment to service – a “putting your money where your mouth is” kind of statement. It demonstrates the company’s willingness to show who its people are.