Niagara Transformer

A Powerful History with a Focus on the Future. Creating a World-Class Brand Presence and a Windfall of Leads.

Niagara Transformer


Niagara Transformer has been designing, building and servicing power and special application transformers to meet specialized needs for difficult applications since 1933. The leadership knew that they needed a fresh brand and better website to match their world-class offerings and help propel them into their next era of success. After going through a rebrand process, they were happy with the results, but left with the question of “Now what?” They were referred to Renoun in 2019, and we answered that question. 

How We Helped

After research and auditing showed that their website was rife with crawl errors and performing terribly in terms of SEO, we built them a new site that’s clean, easy to navigate, and has a CMS system that allows them to update and maintain it themselves.

We also created a Welcome Video to be displayed in their lobby and conference room, that can be customized to greet specific customers/prospects upon their visit.

The Niagara Transformer also wanted to start an Inbound Marketing campaign to generate 3-5 qualified leads per year in addition to their current sales efforts. So far, in only 6 months, we’ve already generated over 30 qualified leads (out of 170 form submissions).

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