Help a local brand diversify their business through e-commerce


Nut-tos Peanut and Popcorn Company has been a proud West Seneca business for the past 36 years. Established in 1979 by father and son, Joe Alfieri Sr. and Joe Alfieri Jr., they were previously located in downtown Buffalo and then moved to West Seneca to accommodate both wholesale and retail customers.

In order to serve their customers, both local and abroad, the ownership turned to Renoun Creative to help bring their brand into the 21st Century with an updated identity and eCommerce website.


Shining New Light on a Brand

When the ownership at Nut-tos approached us, they had one thing they didn’t want to do: risk losing their brand identity that their loyal customers have grown to know and love over the past 4 decades.

Through careful planning and design, we were able to retain the brand equity while also modernizing its look and feel.

Nut-tos has a large facility in West Seneca, with a small shop in front. Their retail business had been declining over the last ten years. That why, in addition to modernizing their brand, we designed and developed a beautiful and robust eCommerce website to help them reach new and old customers alike.

Nut-tos Logo Before & After

Nuttos Website Design

Nut-tos Website Design

Nuttos Homepage

Nut-tos Homepage