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In 2021, a company called Taylor & Taylor USA came to us by way of another happy client. They were the US side of a family-run financial advisory firm focused on helping UK expatriates currently living in the US effectively navigate the US financial systems while growing their wealth.

They were looking to do a full rebrand, including a name change, roll out a new website to go with it, and to find the right partner to integrate their marketing efforts and help them create and distribute high-quality content to establish and reinforce their position as uniquely qualified expert leaders in their niche. Though they’d already identified a UK firm to redo their website and were exploring working with us for their other needs, after some initial conversations they decided it would be most beneficial to partner with Renoun for all of the projects.


  • Animation
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Planning
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Paid Media (Digital/Traditional)
  • Social Media Marketing Management
  • Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Website Design & Development
In Their Own Words, Here’s How That’s Gone

“We teamed up with Renoun Creative 2 years ago to set off on quite an involved marketing journey! They helped us completely rebrand, with a new name, a brand-new website, and simultaneous shift to a new sales/marketing CRM (Hubspot). They also fully supported us launching a new podcast. The communication, project management, and creative/design work has been fantastic throughout the last 2 years and a lot of what you see online is credit to RC and all the team! Thank you everyone at RC.”

– Thomas Quinn, President & Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Plan First Wealth



Building a Brand Based
on Strengths

Plan First Wealth (PFW) inherently has a fairly niche target market, but of course we wanted to narrow it down even further to the specific people best served by them and who they found to be the best fits in terms of financial situation, goals, and the challenges they were currently facing. We then needed to create positioning, a brand promise, and other core messaging that spoke to and evoked the intersection of that customer’s needs and lifestyle, and PFW’s unique strengths and capabilities.

Later on as we dealt with changes in the regulatory environment and competitive landscape, we’d supplement that messaging with alternate taglines and focus more keenly on points of differentiation.

Website Design
& Development

Content & Community

Content, Conversation, and Community Far From Home

As experts in a highly niche field, Plan First Wealth has a vast knowledge of specialized cross-border finance. We worked with their team to develop, create, and distribute technical content through blogs, social media posts, and the Across The Pond podcast. This led to the formation and launch of a community, Plan First’s WealthHub, where members (largely their ideal customers: successful British expats living in the US nearing retirement) would have access to a bi-weekly newsletter and an exclusive Facebook Group to discuss their unique interests — financial or otherwise.


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