Reddy Bikeshare

Helping to bring bike sharing to Buffalo & Niagara Falls


Reddy Bikeshare partnered with Independent Health and Shared Mobility to bring hundreds of community bikes to Buffalo and Niagara Falls to provide a fun, healthy, easy way to explore the region, starting in early 2016.

Award Recipient

2016 Silver ADDY in the "Out of Home and Ambient Media" Category.


Bringing Bikes to Buffalo & Beyond

This innovative program provides local residents and visitors with an alternate form of transportation that supports healthy, active lifestyles while also offering a fun and easy way to see the city and WNY region.

To ensure a successful launch, we worked closely with Reddy Bikes to create all components of the program. We developed the brand identity, marketing collateral, RFID membership cards, and designed the graphics for the bikes, docking stations, and ad panels.

Our efforts were rewarded with a 2016 Silver ADDY in the “Out of Home and Ambient Media” Category.

In 2020, we were once again tasked with helping launch a program, this time in Niagara Falls. This consisted of a new illustration specific to the Niagara Falls system, new maps and icons, and updated bike design.

Niagara Falls Bike Design

Niagara Falls Bike Design

Reddy Bike Instructional Panels

Reddy Bike Instructional Panel