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Sedara provides cyber security engineering for organizations that need individualized service. Their original website had been done in-house, and a mixture of cobbled-together plug-ins and inconsistent updating had resulted in a clunky website that didn’t look great, which salespeople were embarrassed about and reluctant to send leads to.


How We Helped

First we set out to refresh their brand identity, and discovered that their Lime green color was actually an asset that differentiated them from their competitors, which we built around when establishing their brand guidelines. 

We built their new website to be bold, simple to navigate, and easy to read. 

We (re)designed their print materials and merchandise to be in line with the new identity.

And then, following extensive research that let us know how their buyers actually search for and engage with solutions (and providers), we created targeted new content (blog posts, white papers, etc.) to be used in an Inbound Marketing campaign that’s just been launched.

Sedara Security Logo

Sedara Security Logo Breakdown

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Sedara Security Website Design

Sedara Security Homepage Design

Sedara Security Brand Guidelines