SolarHub by CIR

Giving Customers Visual Ownership of their Solar Production


Working with Solar by CIR for several years has given us the chance to truly understand their business, ideal customers, and product.

It’s one thing to have clear goals set by a client. It’s entirely different when you’ve accomplished those initial goals together. This has enabled us to set new goals and initiatives. One area we identified an opportunity to improve the business was the post sale experience. The goal was to turn great customers into ambassadors.

For years, CIR customers have been given monitoring software that’s designed and branded by the inverter manufacturer. While this is understandable - we saw it as an opportunity to strengthen CIRs customer relationships by creating a custom user portal that enables customers to get the most out of their solar investment.

We’d like to now introduce this project, named SolarHub by CIR, to the world. 

SolarHub, at its core, is a solar monitoring system. It lets customers view their current and historical solar energy production, view any panel outages, and even estimate things like c02 emissions saved, trees planted, and light bulbs powered by their solar panels. Essentially, it gives customers visual ownership of their solar production. 

In addition to these core functions, SolarHub helps CIR accomplish a few other things, like: 

  1. Reduce time to support by giving customers a direct line to customer service via a ticketing portal
  2. Encourage customers to refer their friends through a referral program
  3. Host an event at their home where CIR reps speak to their guests about going solar 
  4. Share their experience on social media
  5. Submit a request for a case study and drone shoot

SolarHub is built on WordPress and integrates with HubSpot and SolarEdge. 

The HubSpot integration enables us to do a few things: 

  1. Easily communicate with customers
  2. Assign customers a rating, similar to lead scoring, that measures the propensity to refer new customers to Solar by CIR
  3. Create support tickets directly in HubSpot for the customer service team

The SolarEdge integration is where we bring in system-level production information. This is how customers are able to track electric production and more.