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TrialScout, a startup founded by Circuit Clinical, is a team of doctors, nurses, researchers, and computer scientists who understand the challenges people experience when trying to find a clinical trial that’s appropriate for their healthcare needs. To make this difficult process simpler, they designed an innovative software solution to match patients and families with active clinical trials.

More importantly, the platform enables clinical trial participants to rate and share their experiences. This leading-edge capability is a valuable tool for helping potential clinical trial participants make educated decisions based on the valuable experience of others.

Before launching the service, they first needed help developing their new brand, including name, brand identity, and tagline. The new brand identity had to be unique within both the healthcare and SAAS industries. And, it had to be approachable and welcoming, not scary or stiff.

Lastly, the entire branding process had to be completed on an expedited timeline based on grant funding requirements and targeted launch dates.

The Project

Step One was coming up with the right name. The Renoun team did extensive research into possibilities, coming up with words, ideas and concepts to communicate this idea: TrialScout guides your search for a clinical trial. Through numerous team brainstorming sessions filling whiteboards and notebooks, we developed a number of potential names for the new brand.

Both words in the name TrialScout were chosen for specific reasons. “Trial” is the straightforward, declarative statement of what the service is all about. “Scout” is aspirational, alluding to the navigation of potentially rough terrain a patient or caregiver may experience while searching for a clinical trial.

Once the brand name had been chosen and vetted, we turned our attention to developing the new brand identity and logo. Because the client wanted to be friendly and approachable, we wanted a “living” logo (incorporating a human or animal) rather than an inanimate object such as a circuit board or EKG screen. We brainstormed animals that are good at searching or scouting for something: dogs, eagles, hawks. After a lot of research, we chose the owl as the anchor for the logo, owls being great “searchers” but also friendlier than hawks or eagles. 

In the logo, the owl is looking forward (to helping someone get healed) and its wing is down, indicating he has indeed landed on a solution. The map pin represents the destination of finding the right clinical trial, and the plus sign is a nod to the healthcare industry.

We relied on the science of color theory to guide the brand’s color scheme. The dominant green shade was chosen because of its neutrality (not warm or cool.) Green brings to mind ideas such as trees, life and health and is commonly used in the tech (SAAS) arena. 

The entire process was completed within an exceptionally quick timeframe. Thanks to the open, transparent relationship we had with the TrialScout client team, the deadlines and decisions were made in a collaborative, mutually beneficial manner. Both teams were happy with the resulting brand identity. 


From Our Client

“I wanted to reach out and share that last night TrialScout’s #FindtheFive campaign won the prestigious Participant Engagement Award at the Summit for Clinical Operations Executives – SCOPE 2020 … 

Our work – spoke loud and clear across the room. We Won – and won big. We won with the judges AND won the audience vote – comprised of Pharma’s big purchaser and ops leaders. It was pretty wild … 

To say the least, you and your teams are absolutely a part this win! I just wanted to mark the occasion, reach out, and let you both know that we speak extremely highly of the time spent!

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Naming Process

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