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How to Create a Google Search Console Account

About Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps you measure your site’s Search traffic and fix performance issues.  

Creating an Account

1. Go to

2. Click the blue “Start Now” button to begin. You will need to have a google account to access this tool. 

3. Place your site’s URL in the Domain Box. 

how to create a google search console account

4. You will be asked to verify your domain ownership. 

verify your domain ownership via dns record google search console

5. Click the dropdown menu and select where you purchased the domain from. 

6. Follow Google’s instructions to verify your domain. 

7. Once it is verified, your account will be set up!

Adding Users to Google Search Console

1. Enter your account dashboard at

2. Go to the left menu and select the property you want to add the user to.

3. Click the gear icon to access the settings in the bottom left corner. 

4. Select the users and permissions tab. 

5. On the top right, select the blue “add user” button. 

6. Enter the email address of the person you want to add

7. Select “full” under the permission drop down menu

8. Click add.

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