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How to Create a Google Analytics Account

About Google Analytics

Analytics is an essential part of any marketing activity. In order to improve, we need to see where we succeed and where we can do better. Google Analytics is a tool that gives us the insights we need to grow your business. 

Creating a Login

1. Go to

2. To create an account, click Start For Free.

3. You will need to enter a google email address to link to your account. If you don’t currently have one, click the “Create Account” link in the bottom left screen and select “to manage my business”. 

4. Enter Your Account Name

5. Enter your Property Name. This should be the name of the specific website or business you want analyzed. 

6. Select the proper reporting time zone and currency for your business. 

7. For business information, open the fly down menu to select which industry best represents your business.

8. Select your business size based on how many employees you have. 

9. Choose the functions of google analytics you would like to include in your report. Once that is done, click Create.

10. Read through Google Analytics Terms of Service, click the checkmark, and then click “I Accept”

Adding Users

To learn how to add users to Google Analytics, check out this resource.

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