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How to Create a Google My Business Account

About Google My Business

Google My Business Account allows your business to be easily discovered on Google’s platform and encourages customer engagement.

Creating an Account

1. Start by going to

2. Select the blue “Manage Now” button

3. If Google already knows your business, you can search for it in the bar. If you don’t see your business, click the blue “Add Your Business to Google” link. 

how to create a google my business account

4. Type in your business name and select the industry you are in. 

5. Identify if you have a physical location for customers to visit. If yes, enter in the business address. 

6. Specify if you can serve customers outside of this location, like if you offer delivery services. If you do, enter the areas that you serve. 

7. Add in your business’ contact information. Include your company phone number and website URL. 

8. Choose if you want to be notified by Google My Business. 

9. You will need to verify your business. You will need to confirm your business phone through a code. You will also get a postcard in your mail to verify your business address.

10. After you get your postcard, enter the code into Google My Business to verify your account. 

Adding Users

To learn how to add a user to Google My Business, check out this resource.

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