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How to Optimize SEO for a WordPress Blog

About SEO Optimization

What’s the point of writing a blog if no one ever sees it? In this video, the folks of Renoun Creative will show you how to properly optimize your blog in WordPress! We will go over:

  • What SEO plugin is best to use
  • How to make your blog easy to read
  • How to rank well for keywords
  • How to implement your SEO strategy
  • And more!


Blogs are an essential part of any SEO strategy. However, poorly written blogs will do more harm than good.

1. Install the Yoast plugin. This will guide you through proper writing practices.

2. See how your blog ranks in readability. Readability determines how easy your piece is to read. This is indicated by the smiley face next to “readability”. You want the smiley face to be green.

3. If the smiley face is yellow or red, go to the readability tab under the copy and review any problems. Yoast will tell you how to improve your readability.

4. Make the changes Yoast recommends. Make sure you have short sentences, an active voice, and plenty of transition words.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1. Install and activate the Yoast plugin to optimize SEO

2. Click the SEO tab at the top.

3. Select a keyphrase you want your blog to rank for. 

4. Check that your keyword is in your SEO title, slug, and meta description.

5. Make sure all of these are at the proper length as indicated by the status bar. 

6. Select the SEO analysis tab. Resolve any issues that are hindering your SEO performance.

Alt Tags

1. Give your images proper titles and alt tags. You can do this when placing the image but if you forget, select the image and click the pencil icon. 

2. Alt tags provide a text alternative to those who are unable to see an image. If your image has text, write it in the Alt area.


Once the Yoast SEO Smiley face is green, publish your content. The publish button is blue in the upper right bar.

To learn how to post a WordPress blog, check out this resource. 

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