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How to Post a WordPress Blog

About WordPress

WordPress is the industry standard for content management. We will take care of setting up this page for you, but there may be times when you want to add someone from your organization to your account. 

Log In

To get started, go to your website and type in your address. Add /wp-admin.php to the end of your URL. This will bring you to the login page of the site. Enter in your information and click enter.

how to login to wordpress

Go to Posts

Once you enter your dashboard, Click Posts. You will now be in the post backend. From here, Click Add Post.

go to posts on dashboard

Give Your Blog a Title

Now that you are in the individual post, add your blog title by clicking the white box at the top of the page. This title will automatically turn into the slug of your permalink. You can change it by clicking the Edit button next to the URL. Since your title should already contain keywords for your SEO strategy, you should leave it as is.  

how to change wordpress blog title

Place Your Copy

At the top of the page, you will find a text editor. Here, you can write out your blog post from scratch or you can paste copy from another document. It’s likely your blog post lives in a Google or Word Document so your team could work on it together prior to posting.

Press Control Shift V to paste your copy. Adjust the headers and subheaders as necessary. Be sure to read through the copy to fix any spelling or grammatical errors and add any useful links. 

Include a CTA

At the end of your blog copy, include a CTA, or “Call-to-Action.” A CTA directs readers who finished your blog to take the next step. This could be a link to your contact page, a push to join an email newsletter or any goal you want your users to take. You want your CTA to stand out from the rest of your blog. Try using bold letters or a colorful button to grab your reader’s attention. Here’s an example of a CTA:

“Are you amazed by how much we know about blogging? Contact us today to see how we can add blogs to your website!”

Adding Images

To add an image to your post, Click Add Media at the top of the text editor and upload the photo that you want to add. You can also select an image that already exists in your Media Library. 

Be sure to add appropriate titles and alt text. The title should be named after what the image is used for, and the alt-text should include helpful information to those who are unable to see the image. For example, if your image has text inside of it, you will want to type those words in the alt text area. Alt tags are used for accessibility purposes so people with disabilities can still engage with the image.

how to add an image to a wordpress blog

Optimize and Publish Your Blog

Before you publish your blog, you want to make sure that is readable and optimized for SEO. To learn how to optimize your blog, click here.

Once you have formatted and optimized your blog, Click Publish. 

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