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Marketing tech monthly November 2023

Marketing Tech Monthly – November 2023


  • Meta Verified is a paid subscription for eligible profiles to establish their presence on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Meta Verified comes with
    • A verification badge
    • Additional Account protection with impersonation monitoring.
    • Account support for subscription and account issues.
    • Exclusive features. Get stickers on Stories and Reels.
  • Meta is rolling out a filter to only include comments from people who purchase this subscription, claiming to combat bots and spammers.
  • This creates a division between paying and non-paying users. This financial obstacle undermines the fundamental nature of the platform as an “inclusive space”, particularly in rising markets. 


  • Search Generative Experience
    • Google is changing the way they present information to users, optimizing a “stay on Google only” strategy known as SGE – “Search Generative Experience”
    • Pictures in SGE can affect how often people click on them, just like eye-catching thumbnails on YouTube do. A good featured image not only catches the eye but might get more clicks. 
    • Initial observations show fewer ads on SGE pages compared to old-style search. However, Google has a history of changing things to make more from ads. It is likely this will change and push organic search results further down the page.
  • FAQ-Rich Results Decline:
    • FAQ-rich results have dropped from 53.94% to 17.04% in Google’s SERPs. These results are now predominantly reserved for established government and health websites.
Emily Geiger

We live in a world where people, business, and technology are constantly changing.

In order to do our jobs effectively, we need to know what’s going on in the technology we use every day.

The goal of this monthly blog is to keep marketing folks up-to-date about what’s going on so they can align their strategy with current technology features. 

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