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Marketing tech monthly october 2023

Marketing Tech Monthly – October 2023

Marketing is not something you master once.

We live in a world where people, business, and technology are constantly changing.

In order to do our jobs effectively, we need to know what’s going on in the technology we use every day.

The goal of this monthly blog is to keep marketing folks up-to-date about what’s going on so they can align their strategy with current technology features. 

Read on and learn something new!


  • Employment ads must be declared and targeting options are very limited.
  • In case you weren’t aware, Facebook ads’ specific targeting options (interests, behavior, etc) expand OUTSIDE of demographics (age, location, gender) if special audiences aren’t approved.
  • Meta’s Promotional Ads can help you entice shoppers with discount codes and special offers. A clear prompt is mentioned right below the product image and when clicked, your shopper is led to the checkout page where the product offers are revealed.


  • On November 21, 2023, Google will update its Misleading Representation policy, reclassifying the non-fulfillment of products or services due to qualifications issues under the Unacceptable Business Practices policy. This impacts your advertising on Google.
  • One of these policies regards unavailable offers – so if advertising a retail client, make sure to remove ads about old promotions that are no longer running. 
  • More regular checks will need to be made to ensure existing ads aren’t shut down from this update. 
  • YouTube is introducing AI-powered creative guidance within Google Ads to assist advertisers in optimizing their video campaigns. This new feature evaluates video ads against Google’s best practices and provides actionable suggestions to enhance their effectiveness.

Good to Know

  • Over half of Gen Z women now favor TikTok as their search engine, even surpassing Google
  • 72% of Gen Zers have purchased a product after seeing it on TikTok
  • 61% of Gen Z trust influencers and brands on social media more than their family or friends when it comes to recommendations.

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